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Yinchuan Yibaisheng bio-engineering Co., Ltd. was founded in November 2, 2006, the company is located in the "Pearl" - Yinchuan, location and convenient transportation, is relatively large in northwest area by vacuum freeze drying technology in food raw materials, health food, health food production and operation of specialized high-tech company. The company relies on international and domestic famous universities and research institutes, scientific research in the field of domestic and foreign joint bioengineering and medical cosmetology industry renowned experts, professors and other authorities, formed close cooperation is good, has the international leading scientific research facilities and biotechnology in the field of the first-class academic authority of scientific research team.

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se01短视频在线播放_se01短视频在线观看_se01短视频在线观看发布The finished product inspection eligible rate can achieve 99%,Mart selective examinations eligible rate can achieve 99%,Customer complaints treatment rate of 100%,Customer satisfaction rate of over 100%.

Our leader

A good eater makes a good old friend. Iraq Parkson willing to work with you hand in hand, and create a bright and beautiful tomorrow.

Xingrong He


Successively won the Advanced young person for working youth for mass sports of the whole nation,excellent youth league committee secretary of Ningxia、Science and technology ombudsman of Ningxia and so on title. Having good knowledge of food production,Mastering advanced vacuum freeze drying technology.

Yanan Tang

CEO, Senior public nutritionist, Health manager

se01短视频在线播放_se01短视频在线观看_se01短视频在线观看发布Graduated from the Ningxia university,majored in business administration.Successively won the Ningxia outstanding woman entrepreneur star,Three eight red flag hand of Yinchuan,Ten outstanding young people of yinchuan,the youth position expert of Yinchuan and so on the title.Served as a young entrepreneur mentor in China,yinchuan people's congress.

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